Image Projects Group understands that for most Australians purchasing their own home will be the biggest investment they will ever make but, in some cases, people are looking for an investment property to secure their financial future after retirement. Whatever the case may be purchasers today are discerning, savvy and know what they want.

At Image Projects Group we pride ourselves in providing affordable well designed functional homes which are architecturally attractive with modern finishes and sustainable features. Our aim is to provide purchasers with the best value for money homes on the Sunshine Coast including everything they need plus everything they want. We can achieve this across a wide range of residential developments including but not limited to:

  • Multi-Dwelling Units (townhouses)
  • Apartments
  • Group Housing style development
  • Duplexes

As a properties underlying value is in the land itself, we ensure our land is located in areas with the most potential for growth. Whether it be a subdivision of vast Greenfield parcels of land on the edge of urban areas, in-fill development in the heart of existing communities or redevelopment of run-down dilapidated properties Image Projects Group strives to provide the end user with a property that is environmentally & economically sustainable and suitable for comfortable living or business enterprise.

Our goal is to create spaces where people want to work. In that way, we help staff feel inspired and more productive. We aim to achieve this by making the most of the available space, in the process, giving you the best value for your investment. We analyse the needs of the our clients and end users before beginning a project and can provide a full fit out ready for you to begin your business operations.

In today’s market industrial developments need to cater for a wide range of uses from your heavy industry manufacturers to your small family owned and operated businesses that require storage and office space only. Image Projects Group recognise and cater for different sectors of the industrial market by creating functional and flexible designs that can be tailored to suit most requirements. We like to provide a platform for pleasant everyday working environment in each industrial tenancy by including stylish architectural features, landscaped garden areas and sustainable features such as ideal orientation & passive cooling opportunities.

Do you have a site and you’re not quite sure where to start? Do you know of a potential development site and looking to joint venture? Image Projects Group are experienced in development projects and have assisted in successful joint ventures.

Benefits for parties participating in a successfully established Joint Venture with Image Projects Group may be, but are not limited to the following:

  • Shared financial commitment
  • Risk reduction
  • Growth
  • Mutual learning & professional development
  • Increased research capacity
  • Widening markets / projects / opportunities

Image Projects Group believes two critical factors relate to a successful Joint Venture:

  • Communication
  • Shared goals and vision

In building a short or long term partnership with Image Projects Group you’re choosing to be informed at every stage of the development whilst being involved with any stage you desire.

Image Projects Group are committed to providing a win-win for all involved.

For further information on Joint Ventures please contact us.

The success of your project, now more than ever, is dependent on achieving best results in every phase of development. Image Projects Group’s (IPG) Project Management services provide impartial expertise and effectiveness in achieving optimum time, cost, and quality outcomes.

As your Project Manager, IPG establishes an administrative framework of procedures that facilitate the logical progression of your project from inception through to completion. Planning and other legislative requirements are identified early, design options are considered and decisions taken progressively to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Appointing IPG as your Project Manager releases design consultants and contractors to concentrate their effort and professional skills within their areas of expertise at the same time ensuring no one loses sight of your primary objectives.

IPG Project Management services also include the following:

  • Project Brief Preparation
  • Design Management
  • Project Team Management
  • Client Representation
  • Budget Management
  • Information Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Value Management Services
  • Project Delivery Advice
  • Negotiation Services
  • Tender Management
  • Project Reporting
  • Tenancy Co-ordination Management